There's no such thing as an overnight success, but great ideas do strike like lightning. Miami-based DJ and producer Fiin lives both these truths, proving his talent while earning an international reputation through a relentless dedication to the craft, the culture, and his city.

When Heart closed in 2018, Fiin turned a void into an opportunity, launching his own locals-only night. Relic comes to life every Sunday. The no-frills party puts music first, eschewing trendy gimmicks and expensive production for a rotating cast of DJs who play all-night sets without limits on genre or style.

Determined to become more than just a local legend, Fiin knew it was time to conjure an original sound. The work was tireless, and the skills didn't come easy, but after years of effort, he compiled a handful of groovable house tracks.

His music combines a sexy, smooth, and groovy style with an upbeat techy rhythm. Fiin takes risks and succeeds with originality. Tropical rhythms, warm synth lines, melodic grooves, and funky textures come together in masterful style. Fiin's tracks make you wanna close your eyes and get lost in the moment.

In 2020, he brought brooding mystery on hit “Le Crocodile,” upbeat hooks on “Everything” feat. Nathan Nicholson, pounding electronics on “Still In The Storm” with Brigado Crew and Jinadu, and alluring mood on “Wild Trees” with Flu.

Today, Fiin finds creative inspiration with analog synths and drum machines, choosing to jam out to loops with added guitar riffs and samples, recording in-the-moment sessions that capture his vibrant, emotive spirit. He's still just getting started, and he's got his sights on international expansion. His hunger and drive is outmatched only by his love for the scene. For Fiin, it's all or nothing.