Shyda is a Miami based Techno DJ and producer from the city's underground music scene, with a reputation of blending various electronic genres together from different decades and walks of musical life including Electro/Breaks and early 90s Rave, hard and acidic Techno, Trance, and anything in between.

Her sets are intricately woven journeys that bring these sounds together flawlessly, each set resulting in a unique experience, mapped around the energy of each individual crowd, hitting every emotional mark on the dance floor as a nostalgic journey through space and time.

With a long history of musical influence due to her family of musicians, Shyda's passion for music started when she was a kid in L.A and was constantly surrounded by it ever since. In 2008, Shyda moved to Barcelona, Spain where she was introduced to the European Rave culture primarily consisting of Drum & Bass music as well as Trance, Psy-trance, and Hardstyle. A few years later life brought her back to Miami where she worked in the night life at some of the best and most iconic clubs in the scene, where she fell even deeper into her love for electronic music.

Shyda first made her mark in the Miami scene by becoming the closing resident of Techno collective Ground Zero as well as being a partner in opening up an underground techno club that brought various local collectives together and provided a home for them to express themselves through events focused on the Techno music scene.

Apart from her monthly hosting and residency of the Green Room for Cisco Ferreira’s (aka The Advent) TechnoClubNet, Shyda has also made quite the impression recently after her HÖR Berlin debut in early December of 2021, and then again for a return to Berlin in 2022 with a second set at HÖR as well as a gig with Libertine Records. Now she is back at home base focusing her attention on productions and projects for 2023.